And here we go0o…


Hello bloggers (anyone out there?) – Starting up a blog is something that seems so easy – yet so hard, if you’re not sure where to start. That was exactly my problem until I realized: Why not just start HERE and NOW. Sounds….. bold..? Anyway, with starting this blog, I will hopefully be able to express my thoughts, perceptions, experiences and adventures more freely. I have a lot going on in regards to work, travel, being a foodie, yogi, and such, so this should be child’s play, right? (fingers crossed!) I have lots to write and talk about and I would like to start sharing it with whomever is interested in reading and going along this journey besides I. 🙂

P.s, any helpful hints to get started or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated and taken into consideration –

TTYS, Tarraaim


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