Daily Prompt: Passionate: F A L L

Passion, I believe, is a type of sensation that builds up inside once you’ve found an attachment to something or someone. For me, being passionate about something comes almost naturally when I find that particular sensation that builds me up. For example: I am extremely passionate about anything regarding the season of: FALL. And how appropriate being that Fall is just around the corner? (Exciting, really!) The cool, but not 9b4339560833d93d098ac3707e40ec4dtoo cold, breeze in the air; scarecrows and corn stalks galore; pumpkin patches and turning leaves right outside our windows – Seriously, what is not to love?! The extremely high sensations that build up inside of me when I think of Fall could almost knock my sox off. Being that Summer seems to just come to an immediate stop, and Fall jumps right up at us – that means no more jean shorts and tank tops – BRING OUT THOSE OVERSIZED SWEATERS. And WHO doesn’t just looooove oversized sweaters? Please enlighten me wit that answer. When I think of oversized sweaters my passion and triumph brings me to another dimension where oversized sweaters, hot cocoa, Netflix and fuzzy socks all fall under the same category. How convenient! So, with this being said – Bring on the apple picking dates and Chinese take-out deliveries. #FALL #Passion

TTYS, Tarraaim

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