Daily Prompt: Pretend: False Truths

“I’m okay,” “I’m fine,” “I’m alright,” –> are 3 false truths that we encounter day-to-day.

Why are we pretending to be okay, fine and alright when we are not? Who are we putting this wall up for? Pretending to feel “alright” when we’re really hurting from deep heartache is a form of weakness. We must be able to acknowledge our feelings and emotions. We must be able to admire our hurts and our sorrows.

When one is on high levels of happiness, one does not feel the need to hide it in anyway. But, when someone is neglected, or wounded, they tend to hold those feelings in because there is a chance of coming off as powerless.

Us humans, must learn to reflect the truth of our bodies to the outside world in order to be at peace with our true-self.

To me, power is embracing our own self-worth, authenticity and passion. Being able to admit our levels of joy, agony and rage is more powerful than having to adhere to our pretend colors just so we do not come off as weak bodies.


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One thought on “Daily Prompt: Pretend: False Truths

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