What is on the menu for today folks?


A Salad?

Maybe a Burger?

Hmmm, or is it,


Pasta and Pesto?


A delicious HMCHVCS (Honey Maple Coated Ham, Vermont Cheddar Sandwich)?


What even?…. OH, let me explain…

The HMCHVCS consists of: Honey Maple Coated Ham, Vermont Cheddar, Baby spinach, Banana Peppers, Mayo and the softest, tastiest whole wheat bread you can find!

The flavor of the honey maple coated ham made my tastebuds smile. The Vermont Cheddar slices combined with the tang of the banana peppers tingled my lips as it touched them, and the sound, ooooooooooohhh the sound… of ‘crunch crunch’ from the fresh, baby spinach made my ear buds dance.

How’s that for a description of my lunch meat sandwich? šŸ™‚

If anyone is curious to know the easiest and BEST lunch sandwich to date ? — It is this one right here. The HMCHVCS šŸ™‚ You are welcome.


The Lunch Break After Easter Fiasco

Well, in my eyes, the day after Easter should be a federal holiday and corporations world wide should have the day OFF.

It would be much easier to remember to pack LUNCH to say the least! Here I am, sitting at my desk not having packed lunch, feeling….. sort of guilty for my foodĀ choice today. I agreedĀ to ordering out with a co-worker and we decided on a local pizzeria. Who doesn’t love fresh Italiano delivered while they’reĀ working?!?! So, being that I am a carb fanatic, I decided on the honey mustard & chicken cutlet sandwich, 7in, on the menu. Why oh WHY did I feel the need to add those vodka sauce fries on the side šŸ˜¦

$$ Thirteen dollars later $$ … here I am. Sitting with half of the sandwich left, soggy fries and an upset stomach.

Someone pleeeease remind me to PML (pack my lunch)Ā tomorrow ! ! This is cruuucial ! ! (And no, I refuse to take these left overs home with me!!!)

Lunch break

Lunch for me isn’t always easy. I try and gatherĀ my thoughts on what to have for lunch the night before I need it. IĀ search the refrigerator high and low, search through the freezer and cupboard too. Sometimes there is a wide variety of items to choose from, but more times than not, I find myself craving pizza, chicken fingers, and the whole enchilada the next day with no prepared food in front of me.

Today, things happened a bit differently. I did come prepared to work with a yummy lunch. The lunch included quinoa, avocado, grilled chicken, baby grilled zucchini, fresh tomatoes, mixed greens, a pinch of shredded mozzarella and a dash of salt and pepper for taste. It was deeeee-lish! (Thanks to my chef of a boyfriend preparing my meal last night;) A true gem)

This weekend is a bit of a long one. Tomorrow being that I am off of work it is not required of me to prepare lunch but, if I want to stick to my guns, I probably should have it prepared so I am not revolving my day around the thought of ‘what to eatĀ for lunch?’

Let usĀ seeĀ what tomorrow (and the upcoming weekend) has in store for lunch. This should be interesting.