The Lunch Break After Easter Fiasco

Well, in my eyes, the day after Easter should be a federal holiday and corporations world wide should have the day OFF.

It would be much easier to remember to pack LUNCH to say the least! Here I am, sitting at my desk not having packed lunch, feeling….. sort of guilty for my food choice today. I agreed to ordering out with a co-worker and we decided on a local pizzeria. Who doesn’t love fresh Italiano delivered while they’re working?!?! So, being that I am a carb fanatic, I decided on the honey mustard & chicken cutlet sandwich, 7in, on the menu. Why oh WHY did I feel the need to add those vodka sauce fries on the side 😦

$$ Thirteen dollars later $$ … here I am. Sitting with half of the sandwich left, soggy fries and an upset stomach.

Someone pleeeease remind me to PML (pack my lunch) tomorrow ! ! This is cruuucial ! ! (And no, I refuse to take these left overs home with me!!!)


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