What is on the menu for today folks?


A Salad?

Maybe a Burger?

Hmmm, or is it,


Pasta and Pesto?


A delicious HMCHVCS (Honey Maple Coated Ham, Vermont Cheddar Sandwich)?


What even?…. OH, let me explain…

The HMCHVCS consists of: Honey Maple Coated Ham, Vermont Cheddar, Baby spinach, Banana Peppers, Mayo and the softest, tastiest whole wheat bread you can find!

The flavor of the honey maple coated ham made my tastebuds smile. The Vermont Cheddar slices combined with the tang of the banana peppers tingled my lips as it touched them, and the sound, ooooooooooohhh the sound… of ‘crunch crunch’ from the fresh, baby spinach made my ear buds dance.

How’s that for a description of my lunch meat sandwich? 🙂

If anyone is curious to know the easiest and BEST lunch sandwich to date ? — It is this one right here. The HMCHVCS 🙂 You are welcome.


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