More hours in the day pls …

You know those days when you just wish of more hours in the day? Well, today is one of those days…

I took my one hour #LunchBreak today and hurried my way to the nail salon. I did not unwind and re-coop for the following hours to come; I scurried into the salon, rushed the manicurist and got out of there as quickly as possible (obviously to spare time for an Iced coffee) * priorities * and got back to being a busy bee in the classroom.

As soon as I entered back into work, not only am I not satisfied with my polish choice, I do not feel relaxed – I feel unsettled. I guess the caffeine buzz isn’t going to be of assistance either – I’m sure the continuos sips will make my uneasy anxiety flutter in my system for hours to come.

If only there were only more hours in the day, my one hour lunch break could be a relaxing luxury and not a chaotic catastrophe.



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